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I wave my red flags, about the weight I am asked to bear 

Yet still you have me be this, do that, come here and go there  

And so my struggle continues, against this inner plight  

To fight on to be heard, or save my last strength and take flight 


Then it strikes like a viper, venom coursing through my veins 

And with a python’s stealth coils, slowly binding me in chains 

As its poison infects all thought, every word, and feeling 

My resistance weakens, by the damage it is dealing 


In that moment, when hope’s petering flame finally dies  

My mind detaches from your world of illusion and lies 

Retreats to a sanctuary I have known all my life 

A place of magic and beauty, without anguish or strife 


Mythical friends greet me, have no need to ask why I come 

Mend my armour, give me healing, until their work is done  

Then we explore the realms of dreams, and all that I could be 

For this time, at least, I am free, just to be me 


Too soon, on a breath of breeze, distant war cries are carried 

Reason starts its counterattack, deceivers blows parried 

In defeat, the hisser of lies, slowly slithers away  

This battle will be fought again, but on another day 


Mind returns to body, I am whole again, forged anew 

Stronger, wiser, braver, armed with all that is good and true 

And in the expectant silence, I know the time draws near  

Then friends smile, nod farewell, as one by one, they disappear 

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