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Hatchling Hill

Once upon a moonlit night, when the world was hushed and still

One by one they made their way, to gather on Hatchling Hill

They watched as Egg rocked and shook, then came an almighty crack

A collective gasp filled the air, as all around jumped back

Through jagged shell, a talon hooked, then came a glass-scaled paw

Fear soon gave way to wonder, at the truth of what they saw

Large dark eyes blinked once, blinked twice, Magic yawned and looked about

Dark-cloaked monk, intoned lore, as the prophecy bell rang out

With languid stretch of gossamer wings, and breath of spell-mist flame

Magic flew into a waiting world, that would never be the same

Once upon a moonlit night, as they watched on Hatchling Hill

Magic was born in mortal realm, and dwells amongst us still

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