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Fairweather Folk

Day after day of endless grey and relentless rain 

Then the weather issued forth longed-for sunshine again 

An exodus of the stir-crazy from homes ensued 

Children skipped along as parents smiled their lightened mood

While grown-ups chatted on benches, scrolled phones, walked around 

Gaggles of kiddies shrieked a cacophony of sound 

No one noticed leaden clouds gathering way up high 

Until fat water drops began falling from the sky


‘Yes I know you’re wearing wellies and a plastic mac’ 

‘No you can’t play in the rain, we will have to go back’ 

Giggling we looked at each other then rolled our eyes 

What is it about the rain that so many despise?


As the park quickly emptied of all fairweather folk

We hunted, found the biggest, by a large twisted oak 

 Small hands grabbed mine, together we shouted ‘One two three’ 

And into the puddle we jumped, my grandsons and me 

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