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Bonfire Dreams

Tent pegs and foot pumps, a hammock and tree swing

Airbeds and sleeping bags, the kettle starts to sing

 Pop-up toilet tent, peeing in a bucket

To dignity at times, you have to say, ‘Fuck it’

All clamber on board, a small wooden rowboat

Nanny sits down thinking, ‘I hope this stays afloat’

Boys with a parasol, in snooty-nosed pose

Killer swans approaching, mum frantically rows

Toddler’s dinghy, teenage legs hang each side

Shivering on dry land, a warm blanket, grin wide

Badminton and ball games, then gathering wood

Barbequed sausages, so finger-licking good

Music and laughter, campfire burning bright

 Hot toasted marshmallows, stars blinking in the night

A crack of charred wood, the pop of an ember

Memories made from joy, we always remember

As words become silence, time waits, so it seems

While in the fluttering flames, we each seek our dreams

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