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writing imagination into being

Writing imagination into being

‘A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.’  

 George R.R. Martin

Welcome to Wordwrought

Through words wrought on a page, writers take us to another time, another place, and sometimes, another world. 


As a story unfolds, we meet characters as flawed and human as we. Characters that can make us laugh out loud, move us to tears, or have us checking under the bed before we go to sleep. And with the turn of each page, we may find some of our beliefs about ourselves, others and our world, challenged. I was a reader, long before I was a writer.  


Writing helps me think about who I am, what I believe, why I do what I do, and how I could do things differently. Writing helps me better understand myself, others, and make sense of a world that can, at times, be as cruel as it is kind. And woven through it all is hope.  


On my ‘Writing for Wellbeing’ page, I discuss how writing can help mental health. You don’t need to be good at spelling or understand the rules of grammar. You just need to write.


When I started writing, I took my first tentative steps on an incredible journey of discovery. 


Thank you for visiting my website and walking with me a while. 

You are not alone
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